Charlotte Olympia makes those of you who can’t live without accessories get your money’s worth! The collection includes mainly shoes besides bags, leather goods and stockings. Charlotte Olympia Dellal is the designer who draws her inspirations from old Hollywood glamor and yet focuses on the current zeitgeist in her luxurious collections. The shoe line doesn’t only focus on one design, but fulfills the different requirements of the modern woman.

The result is a collection of shoes which, aside from flat ballerinas and slippers, also offers high heels, pointe and platform shoes. The extravagant design includes Charlotte Olympia’s incomparable thumbprint, such as for example the cobweb or the cat design, which can be found in the entire line, creating funny looks, such as ballerinas with cat ears.

Charlotte Olympia can be humorous, but also chic and elegant. The striking gold-purple platform heels also correspond to the classical loud style of the designer. The leopard prints join the kitten look, and the metallic shine becomes a part of the collection, following the motto: the more, the better. Sparkling, glittery high heels complete the collection.

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