They beat everything in terms of comfort and their look is a zinger. Birkenstocks! Last year, no other shoe celebrated such an overwhelming comeback like these classics. The reason is the legendary, sleek shape of the shoes, their unique quality and the comfortable cushion. Birkenstock adjusts a classical pair of shoes with modern conditions and presents exciting colors and new shapes.

The brand’s history dates back to 1774, no wonder that the know-how of the label is so convincing. For this fall season, Birkenstock presents several lines: the classics, closed shoes, Papillios and, for the first time, a sock collection.

You’ve all seen the classic Birkenstock sandals. This winter, they show up particularly versatile, both in terms of the materials as well as the number of straps and the colors. From the doubly strapped orange suede design to the triply strapped pink leathered design, Birkenstock convinces us with imagination. The feminine option is the Papillio, which has a slightly higher heel.

Closed shoes has especially become interesting in the winter. Aside from boots, you’ll also find outstanding velour lace-ups in natural colors.

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