We all can probably agree on the fact that most of the time our feet are heavily neglected when it comes to our beauty and body care. But it is especially important to moisturize them on a daily basis to achieve a neat result. Here are the best products that will help you get the softest feet ever:

  1. VINO GOLD® Foot Cream by M. Asam
    The refreshing, luxurious product contains dwarf pine oil, menthol and therefore acts particularly well on cracked skin that often affects our heels. Thanks to its cooling and rich formula, the product is perfect to use after a relaxing footbath. On top, it is also suitable for daily use.
  2. Karité Foot Cream by L’Occitane
    One of the best-selling products by L’Occitane: It contains antiseptic, essential lavender oil for cleaning and arnica extract to prevent skin irritation and redness. 15% of moisturizing shea butter ensures an extremely smoothening effect on your skin. Your feet will feel as soft as a baby’s bottom afterwards. 
  3. Hands and More Foot Cream by i + m .
    The rich foot cream is capable of nourishing the driest feet and makes them silky smooth. The extract of ginseng and witch hazel is combined with shea butter and provides intense moisture. A daily application will get you an amazing result.