Aging doesn’t only lead to wrinkles on our faces, but we should also think of our feet that carry us the whole life. Feet also age and the process is particularly catalyzed when we don’t take care of them or wear bad shoes.

If you want to give them a soothing massage, warm up some lotion between your hands and rub it onto your feet, using your thumbs to rub the top of them. Hold them with both hands and move forwards and backwards to your ankles. You can also pull at your toes carefully.

Once in a while, treat your feet with a calming, enriching and exfoliating mask. This will soften the skin, provide it with moisture and help removing dead skin cells.

After cleaning your feet after a long day, don’t forget to give them some moisture. Use a good lotion that keeps them soft. There are also plenty of products that help against foot odor and refresh the skin.