Burak Uyan originally comes from Germany. When he was a child, he already took an interest in fashion. In 2009, he finally made his dream come true by founding his own eponymous label, offering architectural shoes that combine glamour and wearability. Each season, he launches a new, harmonious shoe collection with well-matched pieces.

Burak Uyan impresses with refined and customized shapes. His extraordinary attention to details speaks volumes. Edges meet curves over and over again. Cut-outs, belts, color contrasts and patterns tell the story of a modern woman.

I like the precision of the design that isn’t based on a model. They’re innovative and creative, evolving with each new collection. Burak Uyan rediscovers the world of shoes and gives the woman the opportunity to move out of the familiar. With a pair of convincing high heels or boots, you can easily extend your wardrobe.

More info: www.burakuyan.com