At Vladimir Karaleev, all pieces are made by hand. Because of this, his collections are actually collections of high-quality unique pieces. None of the pieces resembles another completely. Haven’t heard of this designer before? Vladimir Karaleev moved from Bulgaria to Berlin to study fashion design. He then graduated from the HTW before he started his career in the fashion world and founded his own label in 2010.

Exploring the human silhouette is what he specializes in. Architectural shapes are used to stage the individual character of the wearers. Currently, he creates contrasts with edged shapes and flowing silhouettes, resulting in elaborate combinations. The flared skirt is, for example, combined with the boxy t-shirt while the oversize coats are mixed with slim fit cloth pants and the boxy sweater meets the shorts.

Solid substances that affect the silhouettes significantly are typical for this collection. Edges of the cuts are influenced and emphasized by the solid materials. The style is minimalistic, even with regards to the color scheme. With muted beige, white, blue, gray and earth tones, this collection tells of a romantic and comforting winter.

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