Known for gallant evening gowns for the red carpets of the world, the designer Manuel Kirchner expanded his range to casual fashion in 2010. The young couturier calls them “picture frames for the feminine silhouette”. They do in fact emphasize the femininity of the wearer skillfully. With the label Tulpen Design Manuel Kichner brings femininity to life and gives the classy wearer more opportunities to show her style.

In the fall/winter collection, fans of soft colors in particular will get their money’s worth. The main actors are pink, rose and red, in a mix with pastels and nudes. The style is very feminine and includes playful details, just like the colors. In this collection, the business look meets elegant evening wear and casual designs for everyday wear.

A romantic touch works as a golden thread in this collection. The lace blouse dress is just as delicate as the flowered sundress; the pleated skirt has the same rose color as the trousers. The tulle skirt is the girlish response to the ladylike chic two-parter. Without exception, every outfit emphasizes the feminine silhouette with tailored cuts, resulting from the combination of high waist bottom pieces and inserted tops or lean cuts.

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