Graffiti simply belong to the streets of Berlin. Although they usually occur illegally, they affect the city’s image more than anything else. And for many of its inhabitants, but also for tourists, they are indispensable. They’re one reason why visitors from around the world are so impressed by Berlin. Some images, such as the Astronaut Cosmonaut by the artist Victor Ash, who was born in Portugal, can be seen in Kreuzberg and are known all over the world.

Generally, street art is a big issue in the German capital. Street art doesn’t only include graffiti, but also stickers, posters, and recently even knitted art works, where items such as street lights and electrical boxes are covered by colorful yarns. All those individual street arts create the image of a colorful, cosmopolitan city. Street art is intended to speak out political statements, to work up current issues, to approach fellow human beings or just to beautify gray areas.

Many artists aren’t necessarily influenced by the thrill of the illicit, but rather by an opportunity to realize themselves. Therefore, they receive the opportunity to paint big pictures for official street art galleries. The most famous street art gallery in Berlin is the East Side Gallery, the longest contiguous remnant of the Berlin Wall.

Another street art gallery can be found on the Teufelsberg. The former communications intercept station of the US armed forces is an impressive structure in the west of Berlin. The domes on the rubble mountain offer an impressive view over the entire city. Not only does the view impress, but the buildings themselves also offer an imposing scenery full of graffiti works.