Not all that long ago, Berlin used to be a paradise for urban explorers. What exactly is urban exploring? It’s a hobby and for some people, it’s a passion. Urban explorers like to look for abandoned places, buildings and houses in order to explore them. Berlin used to be full of interesting, exciting, run down and deserted places. But today, they are a thing of the past.

More and more houses that stayed untouched in the past became private property. Many of them are even guarded by security men and surrounded by fences. Most of them were bought to be transformed into modern lofts or worse: The owners wait until the monument protection becomes invalid.  Afterwards the buildings are wrecked in order to build new houses there. One of the saddest examples is the Eisfabrik, once every young rebel’s favorite place to chill and relax in the summer, a playground for curious youngsters and adventurers. The Eisfabrik got knocked down in order to build an office complex instead. Unfortunately, the Eisfabrik is definitely no exception. Many exciting abandoned places that would have made a passionate urban explorer’s heart leap for joy had to endure the same destiny. Many interesting houses that I explored in my childhood  are now gone.

Berlin is undergoing drastic changes. Start your urban exploring adventure now before it is too late.