37 years ago, i + m Natural cosmetics was founded in Berlin and is now considered one of the most traditional natural cosmetics brands from Germany. Founder Inge Stamm is one of the most experienced developers of German natural cosmetics. In 2013 i + m was taken over by Jörg von Kruse and Bernhard Glasenapp.

The idea behind the company was quite simple: Inge Stamm was not able not find a product on the beauty market, that gave her skin was it needed. Thanks to her experience as a healer she knew how to make creams though and decided to develop her own products. The main criteria she set up for her beauty products: They do not contain any renounced preservatives, mineral oils or anything synthetic.

Additionally, the brand is highly active in social fields as social commitment means a lot to i + m . Women’s shelters for Africa e. V. was founded in 2014 by i + m Natural Cosmetics Berlin. Despite the fact, that the charity project is still young, it is celebrating significant successes already. The first women’s shelter has been built through the donations in the city Kabwe in Zambia and since then has been a haven and sanctuary for abused women. With this project, i + m  stands up against domestic violence against women in Africa, while giving everything to enforce women’s rights.

More information on i + m Berlin is available on www.iplusm.berlin.