Berlin’s clubbing scene has been booming since the 90s. At that time, the city was in the ascendant. The voids were occupied by freethinkers and hedonists. Houses were conquered, the music was reinvented, political statements roared loudly on the streets. Berlin shaped the German techno-culture significantly.

Although the times of Love Parade, Tresor and E-Werk are long gone, electronic music has always remained part of Berlin. Despite the fact that many clubs are closing the doors, the scene never goes to rest. Where a club closes its doors, others are already about to pop up. There is no Berlin without techno music. Clubs like Berghain are known to any fans of techno in the whole world. It’s not for nothing that the legendary club was awarded the best club of the world by DJ Mag in 2009.

Whatever happens behind the doors of Berghain, Sisyphos and Tresor can be only discovered by visiting them. The resident DJs of the clubs travel all around the world to spread their sound. Not only the techno clubs in the city, but also the DJs have long been famous. New labels are formed from time to time and define the sound of Berlin.

One of these labels is Stil vor Talent, founded by multi-talented Oliver Koletzki in 2005. It stands for electronic dance music. Check out these musical highlights and discover the fashion!