Many fashion trends evolve only in the streets of the cities. The true fashion news is created there, far from the major runways of the world. The vibrant city of Berlin has its own look reflecting the atmosphere of a multicultural city. The secret of this look lies in the accessories. Here are the must-haves for 2016:

The gym bag remains the number one accessory. With its simple design and the many different looks, it’s the favorite companion of the metropolitan hipsters. The trend moves towards high-quality creations whose thin fabric is replaced by solid materials such as leather. Metallic colors make the gym sack become THE eye-catcher!

The round sunglasses à la John Lennon is the second most important accessory. They are great companions for both the winter and the summer. They’re the coolest accessories and can refine any look. They are the must-have after a night of dancing in the clubs of Berlin, on the skating rink or on the first Open Air concerts in the spring.

The scarf is my number three! The rule is: anything goes; colors, patterns, color blocking. The scarf offers many opportunities for creativity. You can use it as a hat, scarf or shawl.

With these three trendy items, you’ll come through 2016 very well!