Michael Sontag’s fashion creations must be seen as a whole collective work rather than stand-alone collections. He crosses boundaries and questions well-known definitions in order to establish clarity. Michael Sontag is synonymous with adventure and experimentation.

This winter is particularly highlighted by silhouettes that are emphasized by outstanding cuts. Flowing fabrics are transformed into voluminous garments, creating a soft and flowing effect. The results, including asymmetrical skirts, wide tunics and elegant trousers, speak volumes. The designer plays with slashes, various hem lengths and layers.

Voluminous parts often meet feminine, figure-enhancing elements. It’s a play with contrasts which Michael Sontag continues with color blocking elements. The contrasts become emblematic of the experimentation of the Berliner fashion designer. Gray is combined with pink, blue with black, olive with rose and beige with navy.

The collection and its elegant charm is deeply embedded into our capital. It’s a new city chic with a touch of coolness and craziness.

More Information: www.michaelsontag.com