Berlin is big, ever-changing and exciting. Here, in Berlin’s legendary and notorious club scene, you can meet all kinds of personalities and interesting characters. This fact may sound very appealing. But at the same time, Berlin is a fertile ground for isolation, a place where superficiality and loneliness blossom and flourish, creating a society where human interaction lacks emotional depth.

Well, those who couldn’t care less about social involvement, looking for temporary friendships and one-night-stands will truly consider Berlin paradise. However, it is undeniable that even the most independent social wolves will sooner or later realize that with such an attitude and mindset on human interaction, he will fall into a lonely abyss of isolation, even when surrounded by dozens of people every day. Here in Berlin it seems that the more contacts on WhatsApp, the lonelier the person. Out of those hundreds of people on Whatsapp, who will be there for you, if you feel like shit, if you start to cry and sob at 4am? Who will be there picking you up at the bus station to comfort you and tell you that tomorrow will be a better day? Berlin is a social desert despite its thrilling night life and incredible clubs filled with fascinating people.

Having been born and growing up here, I have come to realize that there is barely a place where friendship means everything and still nothing. You could meet your soulmate in a club and never speak to them again. Why? Because friendship means commitment. And it seems there aren’t many people here who would be willing to pay this amount of commitment.

If you just moved here, I really recommend cultivating your bonds with your old friends to avoid feeling lonely. The best case scenario would be if you bring a friend with you to Berlin. In this case, you would be able to explore the new city together and probably make new friends more easily.