Everyone knows that Augustin Teboul’s brand identity aims to provoke. The philosophy consists of vinyl, leather and a lot of black – only black, to be precise. However, the creations of the current fall/winter collection have many facets. Augustin Teboul, a fashion brand founded in 2011 and named after its two founders, plays with the effect of lavish cuts.

Numerous details ensure a visual effect that has never been seen before. None of the garments show their real power at first sight. Instead, upon a closer look, they change their appearance over and over again. This is probably also caused by all the crochet elements, cut-outs and different materials that come together.

Sexiness, seduction and fetish elements are what Augustin Teboul is about. Nevertheless, they don’t lose touch with reality. The pieces are definitely wearable, even if they come with many unique features. Not only the oversized cardigans, but particularly also elaborate, asymmetrical dresses, leather skirts, pants and playful sweaters speak for themselves.

More Information: www.augustin-teboul.com