Soft, fringed, bright, dark, playful, feminine, sassy, loud and spicy furs – these and many more can be found at Kottas & Mantsios. The label focuses on sophisticated fashion and has specialized particularly in fur. In an impressive collection, you can see the brand’s perception of today’s demands for fur fashion. Furs must be modern, possess classic beauty and look perfect.

The refined furs appear extremely feminine and exude an imposing charm. Thanks to color combinations and elaborate stitching, the soft silhouettes receive a new touch. Geometric patterns, such as stripes and checks, are integrated into the collection. These are then highlighted by colors, from which the individual charisma of furs results.

In addition to long fur coats, there are also short jackets which dominate the collection. These emulate the voluminous silhouettes by their elegance, but appear like pioneers rather than classics. The sophistication of yesterday meets the future in the collections of Kottas & Mantsios.

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