No matter what eye shadow look you create, there are certain makeup brushes that you will always need. For larger areas or filigree and precise detail work you will need different brushes. Here are the best brushes that everyone needs in his makeup kit, whether professional or beginner.

  1. Blending Brush:
    This is probably the most important one of all because without the Blending Brush you don’t even need to begin puttng on makeup. Terrible edges or hard lines can be easily blended with the blending brush, which will lead you to a flawless look. This brush is by MAC and costs 27 €.
  2. Pencil Brush:
    With the pencil brush you can create definition and details. Whether in the outer parts of the eyelid or on the lower lash line, the pencil brush is good for every area and purpose. Even a highlight in the inner corners of your eyes or under the eyebrow can be done with this brush easily. This model is by Sigma and costs $ 14.
  3. Eyeliner Brush:
    When the eyeliner brush you should make sure to find one with synthetic hair. This helps not to absorb too much creamy products,which will save you a lot of money. An eyeliner brush allows precise application of eyeliner and eyebrow products. This one is by Zoeva and costs 7.80 €.

First picture: © Zoeva