Home isn’t only a retreat, but also the place where we spend most of our time in. Therefore, it’s particularly important to make your own home as beautiful as possible. In addition to the right furniture, selected details in the form of decorative items and home accessories can refine your home. With the right colors and motifs in place, you can quickly increase the comfort-factor.

Everyone has a different taste. Some like it colorful; others prefer to go for subtle colors. By playing with the lighting, you can put every single room in the limelight. Animal prints are also currently in vogue. They are daring, but also very luxurious. When using animal details, you should pay attention to the proper amount, because as you all know, quality is more important than quantity.

Individual highlights in animal design give your living spaces an exotic touch. The details can be placed anywhere, as a blanket and pillow in the living room, as a picture frame, upholstered chair or vase. Zebra, leopard or tiger prints, I’m sure that all these highlights will fill you with joy for a long time.