The internet is a strange place that shows you things you thought never existed. Sometimes, you stumble upon things that can’t be unseen. They burn themselves into your brain and will never leave your consciousness again. One of these things is definitely the bizarre scene of furries.

In the furry scene, everything revolves around the love for fictional,  anthropomorphic animal characters with human character traits. Be it the well-known werewolf or a cartoonized dog or lion, furry lovers are certainly interested in a variety of animals. The entire furry trend that involves dressing up in animal costumes started out in the 90ies. However, it was old cartoons like Mickey Mouse that laid the foundation of this whole crazy hype.

Hardcore furries tend to create a kind of alter ego by wearing costumes and by playing out and acting out the character of said alter ego. They meet up at conventions and meetings organized for the sole purpose of interacting with other furries. Such a meeting can look extremely weird. I mean, a bunch of adults in wolf costumes kind of meet in order to act out their weird behaving alter egos. Many of them even refuse to show their real face and identity as if they want to cling to their furry fantasy world. If this isn’t weird…

Just like any other scene, the furry scene, too, is characterized by a core group of fans that are extremely known and popular in the furry world.

Now, I will get to the dark part of this entire phenomenon. It is fairly common for furries to actually have sexual intercourse while they are still wearing their costumes and playing their roles of course. In fact the Internet holds a ton of sexual content related to furries. It is even quite safe to assume that for many furries, the sole purpose of dressing up and playing a fictional animal character is for satisfying their quite unusual sexual desires. Some will refer to it as a fetish.

Yep, the furry scene is very bizarre. Here, in the furry world you can escape reality, fulfil your sexual needs and act out your wildest fantasies.

Image: ©Laurence Parry