The Australian capital Canberra seems to be somewhat forgotten. When it comes to Australia, Melbourne or Sydney is usually mentioned. People hardly know about Canberra although Australia’s capital has a lot to offer. As the eighth largest city of Australia, Canberra is a vibrant center of culture, fashion and architecture.

Being arranged as a garden city, Canberra doesn’t only impress with its architecture which the architect, Walter Burley Griffin, is responsible for. The city has about 300,000 citizens, which is quite manageable for the capital of such a large country. Despite the small size, Canberra has a lot to offer for both locals as well as tourists.

Numerous museums and exhibitions can be visited periodically or for the entire year. The National Gallery, the flower exhibition “Floriade” and the National Museum are definitely worth visiting. There, visitors can explore national and international art and history and set out on a journey through time.

Canberra has indeed a lot to offer, whether it’s for just one day or a whole month, even though the small capital of Australia is sometimes forgotten.