Australian label Akubra has been here for a century already! Inspired by the Outback, this label focuses on the needs of farm workers. Akubra is firmly connected to the Australian tradition. The range includes cowboy hats and belts that share a stylish and classic design. The accessories also share their functional character.

The belts, as well as the hats, both have their own functions. This is how Akubra combines functionality with style for over 100 years and still remains true to itself. The brand identity is determined by the classic design of the accessories. The hat, intended as a sunscreen, is the stylistic element while the belt catches the eye.

In addition to the typical cowboy hats, Akubra shows another side of sun protection in one of its fashion collections. Modern fashionistas will find, for example, a pink hat with a wide brim and bow. The classic round hat with curved brim appears next to straw and fabric hats. There are hats for almost any occasion, from lightweight hats for the sunny days to chic slouch hats, western hats and many more for men and women alike.

The belt collection appears very subtle. A classic, thin leather strap in brown or black is embellished with a metal buckle and there you have a functional highlight for your denim look.

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