In the wonderful Australian city of Sydney you will find a restaurant called Ester. A trendy atmosphere meets fantastic gourmet food and enchants every visitor.

The moment you enter the Ester restaurant, you will be overwhelmed by the charm of the establishment. The open kitchen and the chic but at the same time casual style of the interior gives birth to a modern and enchanting atmosphere. Taking the beautiful ambience into consideration, you won’t mind spending a little bit more money on the dining experience.

However, in the end it’s the menu that is going to convince everyone of this restaurant. Chef Mat Lindsay is the one in the kitchen who creates these amazing gourmet dishes and sophisticated food combinations.

Dishes such as lamb in buttermilk, served with chickpeas, are considered a real hit. But even the simple things like king prawns in brown butter are going to take your breath away because of their unique preparation that will make you want to come a second time. An excellent selection of wine makes your visit to the Ester restaurant perfect.

Several awards already prove the expertise of the Ester restaurant for a good reason. For more information go to