She is certainly not the most attractive woman Australia has to offer. However it seems, that Gina Rinehart nevertheless doesn’t belong to the type of people who hit the headlines with their kind-hearted actions either. Why the hell is the even in the news then? Well, the answer is simple. Gina Rinehart is the richest person in Australia and furthermore known for verbalizing and voicing her controversial opinions loudly and fearlessly.

While the philanthropist Bill Gates donates billions of dollars to charity, Gina Rinehart clutches to her wealth like a castaway clinging to the mast afraid of drowning. As if the billionaire heiress who inherited her entire fortune from her father, a mining entrepreneur, wasn’t rich enough, the selfish woman still supports controversial ideas like reducing the wealth tax and decreasing the minimum wage. Furthermore, it seems that Rinehart doesn’t hide the fact that she gives a damn about the poor. In interviews she even stated that those who are jealous of the rich don’t work hard enough. Well, she seems to have forgotten that she herself didn’t have to move a finger to get this wealthy as she inherited her wealth from her late father. Such an attitude is of course frowned upon from all sides. Even her family is not fond of her. Legal disputes with her siblings concerning the money regularly hit the headlines. Furthermore, Gina Rinehart is still convinced that her own mother killed her father although the autopsy clearly speaks for a natural death.

Yes, we can all agree on one thing at this point. Gina Rinehart is not only the richest person in Australia but certainly also the most unlikable person in down under.

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