Let me introduce Pared Eyewear, a fashion brand specializing in luxury sunglasses. Inventiveness and thus modern shapes dominate the collections. Their sunglasses are certainly extremely up-to-date without sticking on the current trends. The architectural beauty of the glasses is impressive and a pleasure for anyone who wears them.

Samantha Stevenson and her partner Edward Baker have worked behind this sophisticated design since the label was founded in 2011. The edginess and coolness of their eyewear is paired with functional highlights. The handmade frame, for example, is particularly light, flexible and gentle. The lenses are lightweight and provide an especially clear view.

The most important feature, however, is the design of the glasses, usually made of colored plastic that is provided with metal details. The frame shape varies from model to model, but appears usually angular and bulky. The glasses are statement pieces that are supposed to stand out. Currently, the sunglasses come with extra wide temples, transparent colors and pendants. The color of the glasses is based on the color of the frame, such that an overall harmonious picture is created. These adorable glasses are true highlights!

More Information: www.paredeyewear.com