Australian fashion brand Driza-Bone® has taken up the flag to save humanity from the whims of nature. The history of the wind- and weatherproof clothing dates back to 1890. Innovation and resulting technologies have since accompanied the development of the brand which combines functionality with style in its collections.

The rugged outerwear has been popular from the outset and has spread quickly. Until now, the outerwear range has remained large and is now complemented by further functional clothing such as pants and sweaters. The winter collection combines style with functionality and appears modern, cool and masculine. A harmonious, brown and beige color scheme accompanies the warm winter fashion.

Rugged jackets in the parka design and sports jackets are paired with knitted sweaters and casual shirts. The pants become narrower towards the bottom seam. They are loose and complete the casual outdoor look. Cardigans and vests can be found as well. They are the finishing touch and provides the additional coolness.

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