People seem to love everything retro. There is no arguing in that. Everywhere you go, you see traces of long past times adapted into our modern everyday life and people relish it. Other than fashion and music, the latest interior architecture trends are dominated by retro and vintage designs. Urban Outfitters and H&M Home are just two top labels that will fuel your love for vintage. They both have flooded the market with beautifully romantic and nostalgic products.

How about the following gems we found?

Urban Outfitters – Crosley Keepsake Embossed Record Player EU Plug

What screams more Vintage and brings back more nostalgia than record players? Urban Outfitters have conquered the Vintage / Retro market and have brought back the sound of vinyl in the form of digital audio – this is the embodiment of old meets new.

H&M – 3-pack plant pots on a tray 

This minimalist copper plant pot set is absolutely beautiful and will draw attention anywhere you position it.

Impossible Refurbished ’80s-Style Polaroid 600 Camera and Film Set

One thing that we miss a lot are polaroid pictures – real pictures you can touch and keep as memories rather than digital memories stored somewhere on you your computer. The refurbished instant camera has a built-in-flash and a slider to adjust exposure. The camera also comes with two full-colour films. Amazing!

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