New Year’s Eve is normally spent with friends or family. You laugh together, you chat and reminisce and then party like crazy later. It is important to first of all provide a proper basis, preferably with an abundant dinner to eat one’s fill. In order to combine the nice things with the needs, two traditional dishes are particularly suitable.

The raclette is the number one New Year’s food. Raclette does not only represent joy, but also conviviality. You won’t have to prepare a whole lot and the remains of Christmas can be recycled. There are affordable raclette machines at electronics stores and the cheese at almost any supermarket. In terms of ingredients, the Raclette is very easy, because almost everything can be combined with the delicious cheese, from meats to fruits and vegetables.

Number two of the New Year’s Eve classics is the fondue. Here, similarly, a meal becomes a long, enjoyable time with friends and family. The food is not a priority, even if it tastes fantastic. The typical Swiss cheese fondue can be easily made with a good cheese, a sip of white wine and cornstarch! If you think the cheese version might be too massive, you can also opt for meat. Yummy!