It is not possible to imagine the German couture without Thomas Rath, one of the most famous fashion designers in this country. He does everything right, even when it comes to his collection Thom by Thomas. The collection was created exclusively for TV channel QVC and impresses by its straightforward elegance. The designer collection leads you through the day and takes away the stress of choosing the right look.

The secret of the line is its simplicity which is responsible for the variability of the looks. Chic statement pieces are designed for the everyday life, but also do well at special occasions. Elegant cocktail dresses are the icing on the cake and are added to classical blazers, cardigans or even the biker jacket.

The collection gives the impression that someone has really thought about the needs of women. The silhouettes are advantageous and flowing, the styles allow changes and, when treating everything individually, the garments can also be used as highlights. Thomas Rath creates harmony between the loud and the quiet, the muted and the extroverted and thus makes a lot of women very happy.

Inspired by the LA city chic, Thomas Rath makes designer fashion affordable without sacrificing the special details. Embroideries and applications can therefore also be found in this Rath collection.

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