Fashion brand Gerry Weber  is currently offering something really special. The witty fashion is sorted by colors such that tremendously harmonious outfits are developed. The festive, feminine chic which is dedicated to a discerning and style-conscious, modern and fashion-conscious woman, shows up in autumnal and wintery shades. Gerry Weber belongs to the upscale segment and is devoted to the wishes of a woman.

The original collection is made up of classics. Both the cuts as well as the colors are classical, which is already noticeable in the names of the color schemes. With “Oxford”, “London” and “Cambridge”, the traditional English chic is envisaged. English and Scottish cities, and thus also their traditions, inspire the wintery color schemes at Gerry Weber as well.

Blouses, blazers, jeans and pencil skirt – the current collection is based on timeless trends and works far away from fashion hypes. Here is where contemporary and timeless fashion is offered, addressing only the needs of the woman. High-quality materials and subtle patterns are the focus. Traditional checks or festive sequins make the collection more relaxed.

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