The ladies love him and he loves the ladies. Guido Maria Kretschmer is Germany’s most popular designer! For him, fashion is an expression of oneself and is not restricted by sizes. Only passion and a sense of style are the two features that are on the agenda of Guido Maria Kretschmer. His fashion is high class; the current collection is perfect for the holidays.

Black and white colors accompany the elegant part of the range, making classical femininity tempting for the young generation. Not just the little black dress is provided with a renewed vigor, for example with wrapped elements, metal accents and sequins, but even the elegant short top and the box jacket have been renewed. The metallic silver tank top becomes a glamorous must-have, and one of my favorite pieces of the collection!

Guido’s fashion is fun and has the advantage that it always seems at ease. The jeans in the used-look appear just as casual as the jumpsuit with crochet details. Even the sequin-embroidered top maintains this casual character. Both the casual leisure fashions as well as the chic pieces are dominated by classic colors.

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