Elizabeth Arden

Besides Christmas cookies, Christmas markets and wonderful fairy lights wherever you go, there is one thing about Christmas time that always brings a smile to my face: Pre-Christmas gift sets. In the beauty world, the majority of brands go all out to offer their loyal customer base the very best in their product range to an unbeatable price.

This year around two have stood out to me: the Elizabeth Arden Day To Date Beauty Set and The Best of L’Occitane Collection.

The former retails for 70€ but contains products worth 430€! It’s insane! In the red box you will find not one but two palettes, lipsticks, a mascara, even brushes and much, much more! Even if you’re not an Elizabeth Arden fan yet, you should definitely not miss out on this incredible offer. It’ absolutely worth it.

The second candidate for best beauty gift set this year has been released by L’Occitane. The posh French branch has compiled customers’ favorites in one amazing set and sells it for 95€ instead of 130€. Admittedly, this is not as big of a discount as the first beauty set by Arden. However, L’Occitane promised to donate 15€ for charity for each sold box. As for the quality, we already know that L’Occitane is easily one of the best brands in terms of price-quality ratio when it comes to hand creams, lotions and fragrances.


More Information: http://www.elizabetharden.com, http://de.loccitane.com