Scandinavian fashion stands out thanks to its individual style. Not only does it trigger wanderlust, it is also the best of convenience, class, tradition and modernity.  Scandinavian chic includes refined, Nordic patterns, knitwear and natural color combinations. Fashion brand Odd Molly opens up this world for us and adds in their own individual signature.

Inspired by a skater girl from Venice Beach in the 80s, Odd Molly came into being in 2002. Molly is a girl who lived her dreams and is still the soul of the brand to this day. That’s the reason why the brand dedicates her fashion to all Mollys in the world, in simpler terms: All girls and women who know what they want and how to get it. In the past, the award-winning fashion label showed us how versatile they can be without losing the consistency.

This is where romance meets the modern era and brilliant designs meet that particular detail that will capture your heart and soul.

For a more hands-on experience: the winter collection consists of knitted sweaters and cardigans. Different color combinations, fringes, braids and drapery techniques dictate the tone of Odd Molly. Sportiness, nonchalance and coolness were reinvented and reborn in a pastel suit.

Next to sporty knitted blazer and knee-length comfort cardigans, tunics round off the whole collection. My personal favorite, however, is the wintry jumpsuit, a mix of sweatpants and matching sweat jacket with the distinct Scandinavian touch.

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