Scandinavia is a region with great cultural assets, many customs and traditions. Scandinavia consists of the countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway – four countries that share a common or similar culture. The people in these countries pay a lot of attention to caring for and maintaining the existing customs. If you plan to visit the Nordic countries, try to go during the holidays and experience the culture at first hand!

On 1 May, Walpurgis Night is celebrated. What sounds like ancient custom, has long adopted a modern and urban festive character. The focus is on socializing and fun. Now, they are even named “Dance into May”. The manner of the festival varies from region to region!

Midsummer, or summer solstice, is the second biggest festival in Scandinavia and usually sounds the bell for the start of the long-awaited summer holidays. During this particular night, there are lively rites that have existed for centuries. The Midsommarnacht always takes place in late June. In Sweden, it’s celebrated with a wild dance around a decorated tree trunk, in the other countries it’s called Sankt Hans or Juhannus and is celebrated with a large fire.

Another important tradition is St. Lucia’s Day on 13 December. The Scandinavian feast day commemorating holy Lucia is an event for the whole family. Despite the ecclesiastical origin, the traditions have little to do with the church. Girls dress up as Lucia and wear white robes and cande-wreaths on their heads. St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated by entire villages, schools and kindergartens.

Those were just a few of the many traditions of Scandinavia. Hope I made you curious ;).