Fashion brand Norwegian Rain is all about the upper body, to be precise, outerwear. From the mature man to the elegant lady and urban trendsetters, no age group is left out and there’s also a wide range in terms of style. The luxurious jackets and coats practice versatility, which means fascinating collections in which it is guaranteed to find a showpiece.

Built to last, individuality and trendiness adorn Norwegian Rain with classics. Precise cuts and the special refinement of the numerous models speak volumes. The range focuses on luxury outerwear art pieces that can’t be simply purchased at any corner of the street. Especially in winter, these jackets are a must!

In addition to gender-specific models, the range also has unisex models. The style is classic and modern, with a penchant for extravagance and avant-garde. Norwegian Rain plays with the wearability of the red-letter, which in particular results in exclusive cuts. Volume, sharp edges and mix ‘n’ matches of different materials define the brand’s identity which is further complemented by technological expertise.

The cape and short coat come off as elegant as the suit coat. The bomber jacket and denim jacket are part of the sporty design. Despite the versatility of the cut, there is one thing in common – the classic color choice of black, gray and camel.

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