Bruuns Bazaar is what we understand by a fashion-forward label. Here is where the Scandinavian DNA is further developed and applied in a modern way. Classic womenswear pieces merge with surprising statement pieces into a classy yet casual look. The design is playful and romantic, elegant and still young! Uncompromising femininity is the main feature of this fashion.

Bruuns Bazaar currently presents original womenswear in a typical Scandinavian color scheme, which impresses with thoughtful, sophisticated cuts. Materials and cuts are perfectly matched. Flowing models are presented in light materials, straight ones on the other hand in solid materials. Known silhouettes are influenced by tiny details in the cut and are shown in a new setting.

Streetwear meets glamor. The latest creations combine elegance and casualness without looking superimposed. Instead, they question and mix the boundaries between these two styles. This is what makes this fashion so interesting and exciting. Even classics seem new and surprising. The gray miniskirt, matched to the same colored knitted sweater receives a modern, romantic side when combined with a crème colored turtleneck jersey.

The fashion is determined by many smooth transitions, soft materials and delicate details. It is urban, yet playful and romantic. These designs remind me of a festive reinterpretation of streetwear!

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