Like my fellow foodies, I’ve also compiled a respectable list of different restaurants all over the globe that I have yet to visit. You could call it a bucket list for foodies. On it, you can find a rather large number of different venues with different menus. Take Noma for example. This restaurant is known for its new kind of Scandinavian cuisine that has revolutionized the restaurant scene in its area. It only makes use of its local raw materials and some say that is the secret.

In the past twelve years, Noma was in continuous development and has succeeded in creating new processes to make use of even more of what the Nordic landscape can possibly offer. The extreme seasons in Scandinavia however do not make things easier especially when it comes to a consistent menu. This is part of the reason why Noma recently decided to move to a completely new concept.

The plan is to divide the menu into three seasons. The winter season contains mainly fishes and other seafood, the spring and summer seasons bring mainly vegetarian dishes to the table and finally, the fall and winter seasons that seize everything concerning meat and mushrooms. The new Noma location is due to be ready by the end of the year and maybe, just maybe, I will get to tick that tiny box next to Noma on my bucket list and taste a true Nordic meal next year.

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