Scandinavia stands for unique design that is known far across the boundaries. Even the Nordic architecture is very popular. Minimalism and functionality are the two main ingredients of the Scandinavian design. The Nordic architecture can be divided into two segments, the first is the classical, traditional architecture and on the other would be the modern, futuristic design. These two contrasts meet especially in the cities and provide an individual picture.

In no other city is the Nordic architecture as apparent as in Copenhagen. The backdrop of the city is marked by versatility and impresses tourists from around the world. The materials, and also the reduction to the essentials, play a major role in the Scandinavian architecture. A famous example of local designs is the “Sweden House”, a wooden house” which is ubiquitous on the vast land lines as well as in the cities.

The Scandinavian design language is also present in the architecture. Minimalism is the buzzword for fashion design. A touch of industrial charm can be found in the modern architecture where usually glass and metals are used. The Nordic architecture is known for playing with simplicity, organic materials and unique shapes that bring the building to life.