The climate is changing, the polar ice caps are melting and the pack ice is slowly disappearing. These are the facts that are often condemned as lies. Sadly the human being tends to do nothing about a problem until he has to experience it physically at first hand. This means, other animals and living beings have to suffer first. The suffering of the ice bears became the symbol of the climate change’s disastrous consequences.

The truth is that the endangerment of this beautiful species can be directly linked to human activities in the north. Due to the extraction of petroleum and natural gas for which huge companies occupy huge areas of the North Pole, they are driven away from their own territory. Furthermore, it became an undeniable fact that the habitat of the bears is literally melting away underneath their feet. Since the causes of global warming, a phenomena expressed through the rising of the average temperatures throughout the whole world, can be traced back to high carbon-dioxide emissions caused by humans, we have one more reason not to look away from what is happening in the north.

Because their habitat is disappearing, they are less and less able to hunt for their main source of food, seals. Again and again, you will stumble across images of starved ice bears when doing research on this matter. Shocking images of ice bears that are reduced to nothing but fur, skin and bones. Climate change skeptics often depict these controversial and gut-wrenching visual documentations as single cases that do not represent the whole population. The American scientific institution Geological Survey however is anticipating that two thirds of all ice bears will be gone by 2050. At the end of the century, ice bears will finally go extinct according to their researches.  At the same time, the Inuit report about ice bears that are too weak to hunt and too weak to move across the pack ice. When the ice breaks, the exhausted bears often drown.

Nobody knows when the ice bears will be finally wiped off the earth’s surface. But we all know they will eventually if nothing is going to change.