Anja Gockel is a German designer who singled out both the brilliance and prestige of the winter and packaged it in a very special collection that combats the cloudy mood of the winter. Anja Gockel created her own winter wonderland with the use of a strong and diverse world of colors that clearly stood out from the wintery grey. Wearers of her collections turn into a bright dot in the dark winter.

She did not fear colors or patterns but still stayed on a very high level when it came to the ultimate selection. Amongst all the colors, she did not forget about black. The elegant color was the silent counterpart for all the colorful jumpsuits, voluptuous fur coats and patterned dresses.

Despite the bold color schemes, glamour was not neglected. The recent winter collection is incredibly elegant.

The floor-length sequin dress in black is as loud as the orange pair of cotton pants or the bright yellow blouse. Mini dresses and pencil skirts, fur vests and two-pieces complete her collection. The colorful mixture of patterns and shades in addition to the wild combinations create a unique mix n’ match look. Autumnal shades, such as earthy / pastelly colors, play key roles in this game.

The interaction between evening gowns and casual wear highlights the diversity of a woman. Anja Gockel incorporates both of them in her collection and thus enables a fluid transition between day and night.

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