Bogner pursues a challenging style which focuses on high quality, offering unique fit and great comfort for men and women alike. The collections offer a mix of sporty and elegant pieces. The result of this combination is a versatile, classic look with a modern touch which you can also find in our online shop.

“Modern Tradition” is the new collection that re-interprets classic pieces. The ladies’ selection is equipped with a mesmerizing mix of colors that instantly remind us of a winter wonderland. Bright white, cream and rose shades tell of a story of a dreamy snowscape. Classics like the wool skirt and the straight winter coat are finally also available in caramel, black and grey. The quilted jacket  in blue and jersey pants are forerunners of the cozy season.

The men’s collection, on the other hand, is made for sporty, active trendsetters. This collection is perfect for adventurous and masculine men who is starting a journey through a world of opportunities in winter. Classics are paired with active wear here. Aside from earthy colors, you can also find yellow, orange and blue shades. The leather and quilted jacket are combined with trendy jogging pants. The knitted sweater becomes an integral part of our winter wardrobe.

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