A sport’s finesse and elegance often leads to the technical skill of the athletes being underestimated by many. It appears that figure skating isn’t necessarily one of the most popular sports here in Germany. To be fair, sports that have nothing to do with soccer have difficulties building up a comparable fan base anyway. However, I would like to take a minute to properly give this extraordinarily svelte sport the recognition it deserves.

Similar to ballet, figure skating gives an illusion of effortlessness that can only be achieved with the utmost perfect technique and years of hard training. The unique relationship between athletic and artistic properties is what makes figure skating so fascinating.

Star athlete and record holder Kim Yuna is surely a well-known face here in Europe but back in her home country, in South-Korea, she is a mega star.

The different disciplines in the contests include well-known solo and duo skating, the ice dance which brings together elements of standard dance on ice, as well as synchronized skating.

If the competitions are not entertaining enough for you, shows like “Holiday on Ice” will be more up your alley.

Photo: The Korean Olympic Commitee