Black and white is timeless and contemporary, not only when it comes to fashion!  Even the furniture stores have fallen for this iconic combination. It is modern and avant-garde and quickly transforms the home into a place of well-being. If you’re afraid that black and white seems too sterile, I have a few tips for you to work the contrary.

When opting for black and white furniture, they can be eased by natural wood. For this purpose, a plank floor is just like a wooden dresser. The contrasting warm brown creates a harmonious overall picture. In addition, green plants bring life to your home and provide a link between brown, black and white.

Another advice is to set highlights by using black and white which capture the atmosphere of the room. This means you choose individual pieces of furniture that give the room a modern gloss. For example, this could be the living room sofa or the bed in the bedroom. The black or white furniture can then be supplemented with home accessories.

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