Mark Stuart is a photographer who takes his inspiration from people and happenings on the streets. This passion for random daily things gives rise to street-photography. He uses both digital and analog cameras, capturing everything that stirs him. All the pictures he takes on the streets are the same as in his repertoire as he only edits ad photos.

Matt Stuart is known for colored and black-and-white photos. The latter ones are his hobbyhorse. His pictures reflect what we encounter in our daily life. They depict construction sites, animals, people, statues and shopwindows. He knows how to capture the light and the picture so that the focus still remains on the contrasts and harmony between black and white.

Thanks to his humorous street-photos, he was able to make his mark. All the small details or special features of the photos usually show up at second sight. The viewer is asked to visualize the world. The snapshots show exciting excerpts from the daily life which require an attentive viewer. Matt Stuart and his skilled eye always has a surprise in store.

Images © Matt Stuart