In 1990, the foundations were laid for today’s brand, Grund, which is known for sophisticated high quality bathroom rugs. For 25 years already, the manufacture has supplied us with unique designs which bring life in every home. GRUND combines the functional with the beautiful and equips the bath with a statement piece.

GRUND has always stood for innovation in a segment which often lacks special things. This doesn’t apply to the traditional family business that knows how to create a new living environment with the help of colorful bath carpets. Here is where avant-garde for the home is developed and where sophisticated home accessories are created. The GRUND manufacture is characterized by a changeable, modern style, which is continuously developed through collaboration with various designers.

Here is where you can find useful accessories for your home! Boredom is all past tense now, and so are boring tiles and fringed carpets, because every bathroom will experience a renaissance thanks to GRUND’s prints and colors. The bathroom rugs are essential as eye-catchers and also as feel-good elements. For each bathroom there is a suitable variant in the big designer range.

The design is always up-to-date as GRUND creates pieces for eternity. Photorealistic, patterned, colorful and opaque bathroom rugs are fighting for the throne, but they all deserve a place in your bathroom! They can also keep up with the current black-and-white trend and appear in graphic designs that highlight the contrast.

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