With his own cosmetic brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the makeup artist enriched the beauty market and launched his first collection of Liquid Lipsticks not too long ago. The hype around liquid lipsticks lastet throughout the entire year, it might be one of the biggest trends in makeup history.

The newest release of the Star Makeup Artist is a new Liquid Lipstick in the color white. It is probably the very first Liquid Lipstick in this color and an excellent addition to the collection of extraordinary colors created by the makeup artists. The product is called ‘Drug Lord’ and is available for 18 US dollars.

However, what makes the lipstick special is not only the unusual color but the versatility of the product as it can be also used as an eyeliner. The website of the cosmetic brand explicitly mentions that the product is suitable for the eye area. This makes it even more attractive for those who perhaps would not include a white lipstick to her everyday makeup routine.
For more information about the product go to www.shop.jeffreestarcosmetics.com.