In the 60s, a new genre of jazz and blues, called Ska, was born. The origins of the genre come from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. This was where the effect of rhythmic music in conjunction with wind instruments was discovered. Until today, Ska is still one of the major musical movements, a blend of traditional music and rock. Not only does Ska stand out instrumentally, but often also by a politically motivated song, which often verges on chanting.

For many people, Ska isn’t just a music genre but rather a way of life which emphasizes a political position. Of course, not all Ska bands and songs are politically motivated, yet many bands can be assigned to a certain direction. Ska music has always dealt with social topics, such as poverty or unemployment.

The genre accompanied youth movements and developed a loyal fan base. They also developed their own distinct style. The black and white checked pattern has been associated with Ska even until now. Ska is a really danceable genre which is distinguished by its instrumental diversity and the vibrant rhythms.

Trombone, trumpet and saxophone as well as guitar, bass and drums mostly belong to the basic instruments of a Ska band. Among the legendary Ska bands are, for example, “Mighty Mighty Bosstones”, “Skafield” or German „Irie Révoltés”. Check them out! It’s definitely worth it!