The first ones among us already flew to the southern regions in order to flee from the cold. How about Bangkok? There, temperatures of 30°C and higher await you. Yes, cool drinks on the beach, bikinis and short skirts.  However, the short skirts and skimpy bikinis also come with one problem: How do I quickly get into shape again?

Instead of exercising like mad you could try and make a fake tan work for you. A tan never fails to make you seem and look thinner without having exercised in the gym. The Australian brand “Skinny Tan” specialized in exactly that niche. The all-natural tan spray will give you a freshly bronzed skin for a whole week without patches or discolorations. The cream even has guarana in it, a natural plant extract that can naturally boost blood circulation.

No wonder Skinny Tan became one of the most successful fake tan brands in Australia. For the quick fix, try out a fake bronzed complexion for the night and work on your abs during the rest of the time.

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