For darker skin types it is not always easy to find the right makeup products that suit them perfectly. Here are the most important tips that you should keep in mind:

1. the right foundation:
The selection of darker foundation colors is getting better and better. However the question is which one is actually right for your skin. For dark skin it is especially important to pay attention to the undertone. Even if the shade or the darkness of the foundation matches the one of your skin, it doesn’t look good when the face and body have two different undertones. Have dark skin does not mean automatically to have a warm undertone.

2. eyeshadow:
Dark skin types are fortunate because they look especially good with bright colors. Therefore the important rule is not to be shy and to go for bright-colored eyeliners or eye shadows that create a super nice contrast with the skin.

2. face makeup:
With contour powders or highlighters it is important to find a shade that does not look ashy. Especially with bronzers this happens a lot and results in an unintended and reverse effect. Bright highlighter can also look like yu have applied too much. Gold tones or bronze colored highlighters on the other hand are definitely a go-to for dark skin types.