Only the Berlin-based fashion label Umasan offers high fashion that is vegan at the same time. The urban trend label provides fashionistas with unique looks that can express the soul of the capital like no other. When you have a look at the different pieces, you’ll notice the sophisticated design which is especially marked by shapes and colors and even more by the cuts.

Umasan womenswear plays with the feminine silhouette and purposely creates contrasts to it using thrilling cuts. The wearer’s soft body shape is always highlighted where gathers, dainty button lines and layering make Umasan-Womenswear perfect. Sophistication and versatility goes down to the last detail.

While urban black defines the label, it’s the white that takes the opposite role. This fashion polarizes and represents a symbiosis of urban nonchalance and avant-garde straightforwardness. Dresses show up as big robes while skirts and blazers impress with numerous details. All those contrasts, between the colors and edgy or flowing designs for example, radiate a form of liveliness.

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