Women’s fashion by Marc Cain is characterized by a romantic, girlish elegance. Marc Cain plays with the natural beauty of femininity and signs it with feminine, future-oriented fashion. The selection ranges from sporty creations to festive designs. Elegant femininity is reflected in every single piece

Both classics like the “little black dress” as well as innovations such as the cape can be found in Marc Cain’s repertoire. The collection includes unpredictable pieces and surprising looks without losing sight of the golden thread. It is young, creative and passionate fashion that is presented to you here. Fall allures with a huge range of amazing outfits which brings the pleasant atmosphere of the cold season into the feminine wardrobe.

The merits of fall are fashionably highlighted, for example by solid dresses and high boots. Marc Cain stands for a minimalist class that gains its expressiveness through targeted highlights. Thanks to the contrasting black-and-white, the winter fashion has become a must for every fashionista. Accessories are the highlights of the looks! The hat becomes a must-have for the fashion-conscious trendsetters.

Geometric patterns provides the most breathtaking moments in black and white. Don’t miss them!

More Information: www.marc-cain.com